Highly Extensible Resource for Modeling Event-Driven Supply Chains


Systems modeling is a tool for policymakers and program managers to capture all the direct and indirect effects of changes to a supply chain, identify sustainable solutions to the root causes of issues and save time, effort and resources in costly trial and error. Without systems modeling, evaluating the supply chain, identifying gaps, and implementing solutions can be insufficient, unsustainable and costly.

Vaccine supply chains are complex systems, comprising all the equipment, personnel, policies and processes needed to deliver a vaccine from its point of origin to the population. Understanding how the various components of a vaccine supply chain interact with each other is critical to evaluating supply chain function, identifying the root causes of issues and formulating sustainable solutions.

HERMES (Highly Extensible Resource for Modeling Event-Driven Supply Chains) is a software program that allows users to generate a detailed computer simulation model of a supply chain.

The HERMES Logistics Modeling Team consists of investigators from ...

Funded through grants from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the National Institutes of Health.