Highly Extensible Resource for Modeling Event-Driven Supply Chains

Joel Welling, PhD, Lead Developer

Joel Welling, PhD, holds a PhD in computational gravitational physics, and is a long term employee of the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center. At the PSC, he is the senior visualization specialist and has written a number of open source visualization tools. In addition, Welling does a variety of tasks dealing with processor architecture and parallel software performance. He teaches computational physics for the CMU Physics Department, and has taught computer graphics for the School of Computer Science at CMU. While at the PSC, Welling has done research with a variety of groups. He spent several years working on the analysis of functional brain imaging data with a group in the CMU Department of Statistics. The statistics and signal processing aspects of fMRI led to work on processing of astronomical telescope data. Welling is the primary author of HERMES, a discrete event simulation of the distribution of vaccines to clinics.